Friday, June 29, 2007

Sweet lil birdy

This creature is so freakin adorable. Find her at LaurenAlane.

I could pretend to be Mary Poppins

This satchel by Drika B is uber cool. I just love the shape of it!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's way too early

Okay so its the wonderful month of June still and far too early to already start dreading the nastiness that is an Ohio winter. However, I love cute scarflettes, and this one has so many elements I adore - pretty, bright, happy colors, good neck coverage to not let any nasty cold seep through, and buttons! Made by mmmFiber.

Oh oh oh my

Are these not the sweetest bobbie pins ever? They would make even Kristen's horrible, bad, no-good day better. Find them at Daisy Chains.

So different

This amazingly well-designed necklace by ChristineBijoux is just stunning.

He's off to slay some demon dragonfly

I like everything about this pendant. It would look great on a simple leather cord. Find it oh-so-cheaply at Madison Craft Studio.


Some people might find these staring houses creepy, but I like them. Almost like they're keeping a watch over things and keeping their residents safe. Its an original painting by Amy Boling.

The colors of weathered copper

This beaded necklace by Chickensuz is beautiful. Those colors!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Local color

Love this Columbus, OH map pendant from Columbus-based jewelry artist Anne Holman. I adore maps because they give the impression of orderliness where perhaps there is none. Also they're pretty.


I know there those among us who don't understand the allure of fake food...but seriously: these are gorgeous. And functional too--pin cushions! I think these are about the cutest pin cushions ever made. They even come packaged in a white bakery box with a paper cake doily! By Chet & Dot.

Pot full of succulents

I've admired these planters from Greenware Design for a long time. Unfortunately, I'm sure that my kitties would look at these as their own personal buffet. So for now, I must content myself with sharing this with you.
And don't you just love the little star?

Blissful loneliness


Reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland when the birds are all running in circles. Print by Chris Brindley.


This is pretty in an eery kind of way. Find it at MyCharlieGirl.


Love this print of a terror-filled carousel. Although it looks more like fun to be. Find it at Joyang.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saying goodbye

This print by dkim-art is very poignant. Love the immense-ness of the waves.

I like the button detail on this pretty top by Papaya. Very cute!

Sweetest of elephants

I have a slight obsession with really cool softies - especially since my own efforts have not turned out so great. This one is so pretty! Find him at Zuzu's Petals.

I guess Tuesday is Jewelry Day

I can count on zero fingers the number of flower pendants I own. And so I am always finding them on Etsy & exclaiming "Oooh!" - probably to the annoyance of my coworkers. Wait, did I say I was on Etsy at work? Not a chance..... Anyway, I love the contrast between the dark red flowes & the bright silver. The blackened chain is a nice touch too. By rubygirl.

Wise owl

I am suddenly very partial to red & yellow earrings. Case in point: this cute owl-and-star design from mlmjewelry. I really like how the stars dangle behind the owl. And who can resist a cute little owl? Not I.

In honor of my pottery class which I happen to be skipping tonight

This bowl is lovely and oh-so-nicer than anything I've managed to create so far. Find it at Kim Westad Ceramics.

Cairo bliss

Love the colors and size of these earrings by Little Habanero. I really need to get me some substantial jewelry.


How clever is this copper headband by A Beaded Path? And it's got such a pretty-pretty design on it. Looks like something a Greek heroine should wear.

I like my insects golden

Another big necklace for me to adore. Find it at Contrary.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sticks and stones

This is one of those pieces that Kristen will love. It's so organic and pretty. Find it at Opaque Jewelry Studios.

Darkness becomes us

I love the dark, ancient feel of these stackable rings. Almost like they've been unearthed from some dank dusty corner of some forgotten dwelling. Find them at Lunasa Designs.

Just the right spot

This would look sweet right next to the octopus painting I posted the other day. Genius! Print by Corid.

Quite pretty

Love the colors on this. Made by Ahpeele. Their owl shirt is pretty spiffy too.

Knitting pretty

These earrings speak to my inner knitter because they remind me of balls of yarn. Aside from that, I think these are lovely because they are abstract & crazy while being completely elegant & simple. By Starrydesigns


Love this mixed media collage from Isacatto. This would look great above my desk. My favorite part is the constellation map--zoom in & check it out!

Bright funkness

What a great belt! Made by Bklyn Momos. Love the colors!

Dangly bits

So feminine and pretty. These pretties are made by Adorness Designs.

10 cent readings

I really like this print by Emily Balivet. Her work has such a perfectly magical once upon a time feel.

Apparently I'm jewelry-obsessed today

This butterfly necklace is perfect. It's not all dainty-like at all. From Jewelry by Tara.

All my jewelry is small and understated. That's something I would like to change. My jewelry collection needs more fun and eye-catching things. This necklace by TheHandOfFatima is seriously cool and eye-catching.

Cheerful things

These earrings are fun! They would make my ears very happy. Made by Mary and Jane.

This sounds about right....

Fun "Etsy Addict" magnet from Allegrae. This sounds about right, although some days (like today) I forego the coffee altogether and go straight to Etsy blogging...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tick tick tick

These earrings are clock hands. How clever is that? Made by Evod. So many people get all exasperated by my refusal to wear a watch. Maybe this could placate them just a wee bit. Or at least look pretty on me while I'm being exasperating.

Oh my

This seriously cracks be up. It's an old record album recycled into wall art. Find it at Turtlecross.

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

These are so sweet. I have a weakness for birds in pretty designs. Find them at Buttercupdays.

The way to my heart

Enough said.
By Luxedeluxe.

Do you know what this is?

I didn't know what it was until I read the description, but after I did I loved it even more.

"This is a genuine horologic masterpiece, a completely original design by the builder, 100% handmade from wood and brass right here in the studio! No batteries! No motor! The clock is powered by GRAVITY, imagine that! The time is read-out by noting the position of the solid brass numerals on the time ring as it rotates past the ebony cursor at the top of the clock."

This kind of breathtakingly beautiful braininess is what makes me get up each day. Some day, when I have a fabulous, sun-filled house of my own, this thing is going on the wall. See this & other old-world marvels at Chase Studio.

Secret Path

This fabulous lariat/scarf from Fringe would transform the outfit I am wearing today from dull to inspired. I love the freeform nature of this piece, and I think the bits of fabric give it the perfect touch of shabby-chic-ness. This would be so cute with a little black dress & sandals for next month's Gallery Hop.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I know the secrets between us

This artwork is from is one of my favorite shops on etsy - Stiletto Heights . There's something so ethereal about her work, and the titles are good enough to give you shivers. I've bought one of her works before, and I would not mind at all having whole bunches more of her stuff.


I'm not sure how its possible that we haven't posted a single piece of clothing yet. Kristin and I both seriously jones for pretty clothes all the time. I love how the pattern on this shirt made by latak sneaks up onto the shoulder.

Blooming darkly

This necklace is unlike anything in my jewelry box, but I find it really intriguing. It would look so pretty with a country girl flowery dress and some beat up boots. And of course I don't own either of those things at the moment either. Maybe I'm just in the mood to play dress up. See this pretty flower necklace at Lustre.

Friday, June 22, 2007


These cheerful "Sunshine" earrings by Brooke Marton are just the thing to summer-ify a basic outfit. I adore the yellow/red combination and the looped wire. Love the price too: $11. Beautiful!

No one knows me like you do

Jennifer Kerr's art is so pretty. I really really adore this piece. And best of all, she sells original art pieces. And with such a cool texture to them. Can I also say that this would also look kick ass in my office? Cause it really would.


Love how this ring is both dainty (the flower) and funky (the size, and the cool wrappage). By Puffluna. I think this is one of those pieces that you could pretty much wear with any outfit & have it look great.

Confessing my fondness for sea creatures

I love the combination of this gi-normous octopus and such a sweet little town. This print by Megan Noel makes me smile.