Monday, March 31, 2008


Despite the woolly texture, I think this would be an awesome all-season bag. Made from industrial felt, it could definitely stand up to all seasons of wear. I can see this with a silky black dress for the utmost in contrasting textures. By Et Cetera Media over on Supermarket, which is my new favorite place to browse.


Love the brilliantly colored stripes on this dress from Monsoon. Just think of all the different shoes it could be worn with!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've been posting a lot of jewelry lately. With beautiful pieces like this out there in the world, how can I not? From Imogene and Annie.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Don't get me wrong, I love me some color. But sometimes black & white can be so compelling, no? By Lauren Haupt.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cherry blossoms

Don't these earrings put you in mind of spring and cherry blossoms and fresh cold spring breezes? Available at Versamae Luxe.

Melting gazes

Kristen is moving into a darling apartment tomorrow. These pretty trays from Art Effect would probably look great on her walls. Expect lots more decorating ideas around these parts as she prettifies her new space.

Masked lady bandit

I marvel at the work of the wonderfully-named Miss Lulu & the Teaspoon Shortage. I want to live in a world where masked lady bandits linger near wood piles.

Shoe fever

These shoes from Lilac Rose would improve almost any of my outfits. And I must be on a teal kick cause I adore this bag as well.

Shoes for springtime

What's not to love about these shoes from Toast? I'd be tempted to wear them with skirts all the time so no one could miss their kicky cuteness.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


My ears would like to wear these very much. So fun! Available at Jessica Hicks Jewelry.

I know someone who would adore this

This ring looks so much like something Miss Kristen would covet. Pretty and statement-making. Find it at LuLu's.

Cold birds.

Now that moving day is less than 48 hours away, I am finally permitting myself to get excited about how I want to decorate. And lately I am loving the unique vinyl wall art clings from Elephannie, like this here. 3 cheerful birdy shapes, available in a variety of colors. I love how these add a pop of fun and color to a room without being something else for the cat to knock over...

Goddess delusions

This dress from Silhouettes would make me feel all goddess-like. And a happy lovely goddess too - not an angry bringing lightning bolts down on people heads kind of goddess.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Robins egg blue

And a dozen other shades besides. This substantial bracelet is squeal-worthy gorgeous. Find it at French General.

The bipolarness of springtime

Spring in Ohio is completely bipolar. One day it'll be in the 70s and the next we'll have 14" of snow on the ground. (And of course that snow waits until the weekend so there's no possible way of getting a day off of work for it. Blar!) Anyways, these chevron sleeves from Sock Dreams would be so handy for those days when the sunshine makes you long for short sleeves but the chilly wind says to think twice. Plus they are cute as hell! I want them bad.


Normally I would avoid any garment that was putty colored, but not this one. This dress from Luv Charlie is so beautiful. That neckline!
Just wondering, but when you're browsing a new online shop, what category do you click on first? For me its the dresses every time. There's something so charming and easy and fun about dresses of all sorts that you don't quite get in the pants department.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vinyl seating

This couch from Upside Dive is a terrific find. I'm so in love with its darling wooden legs.


I like everything about this cute dress from Pork Chop Girl. Unfortunately, some other lucky girl has already snapped it up.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Second Hand Rose

I adore the contrast here: the shiny black of the tensha & the lighter shades of the locket and pink briolette. And anything with an antique key is just plain awesome. From Talula.

Lit up

This little candle stick from Frau Lieb is completely adorable. It would look great mixed in with other pretties on a shelf.

Valerie Monthuit

Valerie Monthuit's pictures seem so perfect for this time of year. So many of them put me in mind of an icy winter reluctantly giving way to a fresh new spring.

Elim Mack

Elim Mack has a gallery full of really beautiful paintings. Very striking work! That middle one could come live with me any day.


So many pictures from make me gasp. I love the muted colors and the wide range of subjects. And I firmly believe something she writes, "Anything can be beautiful."

Calling the past

I could crush on this phone easily. And I really don't love phones. Voicemails. Obligations. Call backs. All those things make me cringe. But this would bring the owner back to an age when phones were not nearly so scary. Find it at Sirkus.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Subtle spring.

So pretty & different at the same time. Shix is just filled with gorgeous colors and highly covet-able gems.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

World of color

Julie Evans' work is intoxicating. I would love to have an entire wall painted like one of her pieces.

Dead sexy

I think this look from Pl├╝mo is absolutely sex pot-ish.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Whales make me happy

And I could totally see a bathroom done up in this happy wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper. Their art deco collection leaves me pretty awe struck as well.

Who looks at boots in the springtime?

Me, apparently. These pretty grey boots would be so well taken care of in my possession. I would promise not to tromp through mud puddles in them or wear them to crowded bars where they might be stepped on. If only my fairy godmother would cough up the $300 needed to get them onto my feet, I would be on my very best behavior.

How I could pretend to be Ingrid Bergman

This dress is breathtaking. A girl would have to feel stunning in such a gorgeous dramatic dress. I'd spend the whole evening sweeping in and out of rooms cause a person in this kind of dress should never just walk - always sweep. Best of all, its from an etsy seller - StephanieMadesh. There is some serious skill happening over in her shop.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This denim skirt from Orangyporangy needs to be in my closet. I love the fun trim! It would look so cute to wear to work or just our wandering about on a weekend.


Robots are cute. Mustaches are cute. So a mustachioed robot is super extra cute. This little guy is actually a pouch for collecting odds and ends (and robot parts?). I would just put him on a shelf so he could be admired by everyone. Find him at Anatomy of a Skirt.

Pretty creepyness

I've been a fan of Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison for a while. Their newer work in color does not dissapoint. I'm particularly fond of Stolen Summer and all its pretty creepyness.


I dearly love this little Loch Ness monster sculpture with her angry little face and the exuberant water splashes. Made by PearsonMaron.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Counting games

Oh my! I love love love this number necklace from deJarnette - which might possibly have to be my new favorite jewelry store. Its wonderful in every way.