Thursday, March 6, 2008

Queen of small things

When it comes to purses, I'm queen of the miniature. Before two years ago, I didn't even carry a purse - just stashed my wallet in my back pocket and off I went. Then my husband talked me into a cell phone, and my purseless days were over. In protest, I went and found the tinyest purse I could that would fit my wallet and my phone and even my slim lil mp3 player.

But I now aspire to own my own smallish camera that I can take everywhere with me so I will need a slightly larger purse. This purse from Mad Imports will not do, but oh how I covet it with its cool shape and endorphin-boosting colors.

However, I have hope. Kristen is queen of the stylish giganto purse. Between the two of us, I'm sure something suitable can be found.


estea said...

good heavens that is gorgeous.

sadly, i need a mom bag at this juncture.

but to carry on minimalist-happy dates with husband...hmmmm...


Graziella said...

that is so pretty! i love colorful things and i love the burst of colors on that one...;)

Svanna said...

That´s the right reaction Estea :"Good heavens" I love clutches and... well this one is divine!!!
Thanks for sharing

lillie said...

wowow that's prettypretty! i wish i could keep my purse size more minimal. but at least there are many lovely options to choose from--in all sizes, shapes, and colors!