Thursday, March 6, 2008

A new direction...

We've decided to take our little blog off in a slightly new direction! Until now, we've focused on Etsy shopping, and while we'll definitely still be featuring items from Etsy shops (because there's just so much awesome stuff over there, naturlich), we're going to start featuring items, ideas and inspirations from other sources as well. Our goal is to make So Sweet & So Cold into a blog about style & design, a place to visit to see pretty things and get pretty ideas. We'll still be showing you where to buy some of the stuff we post, don't worry.

We've overhauled the Label system over to the right. This will be painless, we promise. Anyway, here's an overview:

- We did away with the pricing labels ($, $$, $$$, $$$$)
- We're keeping the category labels (art, accessories, etc), and all previously labeled posts are still in their same categories
- We added some new labels, which we will start using here on out:

"Shopping List" : this replaces the pricing labels, and indicates that something is available for sale somewhere. If you're in the mood to spend and you only want to see items you can buy, you can just look at all posts with this label and shop your heart out!

"Decorating Ideas" : what's more inspiring than seeing a fab decorating job? This label is for home-dec images and articles. If you're stumped about what color to paint your new apartment (as Kristen is, at this moment) or want to see a truly beautiful kitchen, have a look here for inspiration.

"Crafty Projects" : We know there are tons of great sites out there that post craft projects, but with so many of them, there's no way you can see everything! If we find a project or tutorial that is too good to miss, we'll put it here.

"Blog Crush" : Check here for super awesome blogs we love so much, they warrant a whole post devoted to them.

Lastly, we're going to start featuring some advertising in the column over there to the left. Rates are super affordable (really!) and we can help out with the design of your ad if you don't have one, so hit us up if you're interested! sosweetxsocold AT gmail DOT com

Well, that takes care of everything! We hope you enjoy.

kristen & claire

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