Friday, September 21, 2007

Armed bunnies

Yesterday on my way to Jo'Anns my boy and I decided to stop in at the pet store next door. We don't shop there since we only believe in rescuing pets from the shelters, but its hard to resist going in to pet the puppies or ogle the guinea pigs.

Anyway, I've been fantasizing about having my own pet bunny one day, and they had wee little baby bunnies in there. So cute! Two little kids thought so too. When the little boy managed to pick one up (they were pretty friendly), he let out an ear-piercing squeal for his mom to come see. Three times he did this. Then he dropped the poor thing - only a bout 2 feet but still. Kids should probably be tied and gagged when entering these types of stores.
Anyway, I think those bunnies would have liked to be armed much like these bunnies. And then the squealing small children of the world would leave them be.
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