Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The simplicity of mornings

If someone were to take a picture of my mornings, it would look like a blur. I get up to late. I rarely grab breakfast. When I do, its usually a yogurt grabbed at the last second and eaten at my ugly desk at work. Somedays, its a mocha snagged from the gas station on my way to work. So very unchic.

However, in my more organized dream world, I would wake up a couple hours before work, make a delicious breakfast, pore over pretty magazines, and ease my way into the day. Since the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim, I'd like to present my recent blog crush. Simply Breakfast is so pretty and inspiring. It's daily pictures of a woman's breakfast. Sounds kind of boring, right? Take a look. Its the kind of everyday beauty that really keeps me seeking out more beauty in my own life.

(And if you, like me, adore those bird salt and pepper shakers in that last picture, you can find them at Patina Stores.)

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