Friday, June 20, 2008


While wandering around the internet this morning, I stumbled onto a marvelous fashion blog. Adri (admittedly not her real name) shares fashion inspiration and wonderful outfits on Adrift in the Blogosphere. I immediately email it over to the oh-so stylish Kristen so she can share in my glee. And then I realized it would be selfish not to share this find with our readers as well. So here you go!

I adore how each look is so pretty and effortless-looking. And what a wide range of styles she pulls off! Definitely a help to get me out of my same old same old rut.


Adri said...

Oh wow! Thank you :-)

Heidi said...

Could you please just come and coordinate my whole life for me?

That would help me immensely.

jozette said...

Hey Claire - thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love yours - LOVE! (I'm adding you to my google reader :) )

etoilee8 said...

Claire, thanks for the kind comments. . . hope you come to visit often. I need Adri's camera set up. I am sick of wrangling in my Mum and my best friend to take my photos.