Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The snow is piling up outside, and I'm the fool with abolsutely no sensible winter footwear. In fact my most sensible shoes have cracks in the soles so trudging about in them results in cold damp socks. Not pleasant.

So today, I'm pondering snow boots.

These are probably the most likely candidates. They are cutish and rather sensible.

These ones I rather like but can't determine if those toggles would be annoying after a while. Also they are pricey for shoes for my least favorite season.

These I adore and would consider wearing in all weather cause they are so darn cute. Alas, they have a review that makes me think twice. Plus they are also a bit pricey for this girl at the moment.
Also, I have the feeling that buying boots would be giving in to the season I hate. Or that as soon as I got a pair, it would never snow again and I would not need them - hey that might be worth it!
Anyway, are there any suggestions for boots you all adore? Notice that some sort of heel is rather necessary to my way of thinking but a super cute pair might be forgiven for lacking a heel.

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