Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Decision-making made harder

My bathroom is tiny. Counter space is nonexistant and cabinet space is a jumble. So I've set my sights on getting a tray to stash all my make-up in. I can keep it on my dresser in the bedroom, and prettify myself in front of my dresser mirror. Now all I need is the perfect vintage tray, but etsy makes it so hard! Here's some recent temptations:

From Shopworthy.
One that Kristen would adore from deadbirdfinds.

Great color from lorenzstudio.
From YouAreYou.

From GreyBrocketsHome.

Tiny and adorable from scottishart.

From KitschNCollectibles.

And I should buy one of these, but as a vintage seller myself, I can't resist the challenge to go find something pretty and unique myself. However, that green one is SO tempting.

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sophia said...

oh the green...definitely the green.