Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Giveaway Winner + Blog and Craft Show Announcements

We used the oh-so-simple random number generator to select the winner to our 500th post giveaway. And the winner is Uma! Please let us know what you're mailing address is, Uma, and we'll get your goodie box shipped this weekend.

We'll post pictures of the prize box once its been received. Cause packages are better whent he insides are complete surprises.

Other announcements of note:

  • You can catch Kristen and I guest blogging over at Design^Sprout which is full of indie designs and green living. We were so delighted at being invited!

  • In super super how-do-we-get-ourselves-into-so-many-projects?-news, we are planning an alternative craft show to benefit a wee little girl who's family is buried under a mountain of bills from her cancer treatment. On September 20th, we're going to hold Crafternoon on High, an alternative art + craft show for a cause. We're very very excited. Right now, we're accepting vendor applications. We're also planning a raffle to raise even more proceeds. If any of you artsy crafty kinds want to donate something to raffle off, let us know.


uma said...

Dear Klaire and Kristen: Hi! I am Uma I can't tell you how happy I am with the news! I love handmade stuff, and have been enjoying the ones that you show in your blog for several months. Now, I happen to live in Argentine, and I am not sure if you thought about shipping internationally when you announced the giveaway. (I didn't stop to think abut at the time...). So, I will send you my shipping address but, if you can't send me the presents its ok. I can understand that perfectly!
Thanks again for the giveaway and for the great pictures in your blog.

Claire said...

Are you kidding! We'd love to send our gifts to you. And luckily, nothing in our box is made of heavy heavy things. Thanks again!